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Steel Perlot (SP) — a deep tech management company that is creating and investing in the talent and technologies that will shape our world over the next 20 years and beyond.

Our first three verticals out of seven in total are: SP Disruptive Finance and Web3, SP AI/ML, and SP Physical and Life Sciences.

Our in-house startups seeded by Steel Perlot all have three common attributes: (1) 70%+ builder / innovator talent; (2) creation of a high impact and high leverage platform or network that serves a broader ecosystem of companies and people; and (3) privacy first - the individual is always in control on whether and how they share their data.

We are talent first, and we know that the smartest people have scalable knowledge, whether it’s helping build an existing in-house startup, accelerating one of our fund’s portfolio companies, or building something new.

Through our Knowledge & Talent (K&T) Division, Steel Perlot allows for both intensive professor and lab engagement as well as innovative equity and incentivization models regardless of whether you’re a first- or tenth- year employee.

Together, let’s build platforms that matter and invest in companies that make these critical ecosystems possible.